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Sophie Lindsay to run Newport Half Marathon in Aid of Rotary Charities

Hi! My name’s Sophie and I’m a 22-year-old honorary Rotarian of Rotary Wrexham Glyndwr. Last year I was coming up to the end of my second year of university at the University of South Wales in Cardiff. I got thinking about how I wanted to make the most of my last year in Cardiff so I decided to make a bucket list. The list contains some small menial things such as ‘having a cup of coffee at a coffee shop I’d always walked past but never been to’ and ‘seeing a show at the local theatre’. Some of the things on my list were even a bit silly like ‘have a go on the carousel in the centre of Cardiff’. However, I also wanted to challenge myself so I decided to add ‘complete a half marathon’ to the list. I knew this would be no easy task, I have done several charity runs in the past but most of them have only been 6 kilometres. The half marathon will be 3.5 times longer than that.

When I came back to university in September 2016 I looked into half marathons in my area and decided to sign up for the Newport Half Marathon on March 5th 2017. If I was going to do this I knew I wanted to raise some money for a worthy cause.

In July 2016, my future mother in law, Fiona Bassett, founder of Rotary Wrexham Glyndwr, the newest Rotary Club in our area, had a vision of making it a new and exciting club for everyone which did things a little bit differently. With her mother, Molly Youd, being the District Governor of Rotary International District 1180 and step-dad, Reg Youd, being a long serving member of Rotary the new club would have lots of support. My fiancé Sam (Molly & Reg’s grandson and Fiona’s son) became one of the founding members of the new club and instantly showed a keen interest in being involved, especially in organising fundraising events. I could see what a positive effect Rotary was having on him, he was becoming more focused and driven and found something he was passionate about. Sam suggested that I join Rotary and at first I was slightly reluctant as I was worried I would be unable to commit adequate time into Rotary as I was away at university. At this stage I had already helped out with Rotary at a fun day fundraiser and also made the promotional video for the Rotary International District 1180 Conference 2016 as I am a media production student, so president Fiona suggested that I could be an honorary member. I was very proud to be asked an of course accepted. Now that I was a Rotarian and had already seen all the work that Sam had done for Rotary, I wanted to give some input. I remembered that back in April I had put ‘run a half marathon’ on my bucket list and thought what better way to contribute than to run the half marathon to fundraise for Rotary.


I have now started training for the half marathon and I am doing 6 kilometre jogs every day. The training will get harder and longer and more gruelling but it will all be worth it if I can raise some money for such an amazing cause. After attending the Rotary International District 1180 Conference I got to learn about all the amazing work that Rotary does and I would love to be an active Rotarian for life.

If you would like to sponsor me, please visit the link here.

Thank you very much for reading.

Yours in Rotary,

Sophie Lindsay

  • Fiona Bassett says:

    Sophie. Rotary international is lucky to have you and I know you are going to be an asset to our club and to Rotary. I’m a very proud mother on law and know you’re going to do fabulous in this half marathon. You go girl do us and yourself proud! Xxx

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