About Us

Surrounded by a group of motivated, passionate and determined people we share and exchange ideas. We plan events that are fun and exciting which raise much needed funds for local charities and beyond.


Everything we do is fun. We are an informal group who meet every other week. As a group we have a great sense of humour and lots of banter.

Community Focussed

We organise exciting and fun events throughout the year raising money for local groups & charities. Our last major event attracted 7000 people.


We have a number of socials throughout the year. We think it important to let our hair down, get to know our team more and have lots of fun and make memories. A happy team is an AWESOME team.


Volunteering is very rewarding and can bring lots of benefits not only to your CV but also on a personal level. Learn new skills. Always wanted to manage a project but never been given the opportunity? Have a skill? Share your experience.